Mtdna Mutations Are Pathogenic And Can Increase Ros Production By Mitochondria

The discovery, in 1988, that mtDNA mutations can be pathogenic has provided a major support for the mito-chondrial theory of aging. That year, several groups reported that both mtDNA point mutations and deletions could be the underlying cause of defined human pathologies. Moreover, being heteroplasmic, these diseases have revealed that not all the mtDNA copies in a cell need to be mutated in order to achieve a disease state. The last decade produced an explosive growth of the number of mtDNA mutations implicated in human disease. The recent release of the Mitomap database lists almost 200 pathogenic point mutations, single nucleotide deletions and insertions (Brandon et al., 2005). Not only have mitochondrial diseases revealed a causative link between mtDNA mutations and pathology, but they also have displayed, in agreement with the predictions of the mito-chondrial theory of aging, an increased oxidative burden in patients suffering from these diseases (Kunishige et al., 2003; Lu et al., 2003).

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