Longer Life Expectancy In Organisms Belonging To The Same Cohort Group Is Associated With Relatively Higher Levels Of Antioxidants And Lower Concentrations Of The Products Of Oxygen Free Radical Reactions

All houseflies lose the ability to fly prior to death. Therefore, in an aging population, shorter-lived flies can be identified as flightless "crawlers" in contrast to their longer-lived cohorts, the "fliers." The average lifespan of crawlers is about one-third shorter than the fliers. Levels of antioxidant defenses (superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), and glutathione) and products of

ETC activity oxygen free radical reactions (inorganic peroxides and thiobarbituric acid [TBA]-reactants) were compared between crawlers and fliers. The fliers showed greater SOD and CAT activities and glutathione concentrations than crawlers, whereas the amount of inorganic peroxides (H2O2) and TBA-reactants was higher in the crawlers than in fliers (Sohal et al., 1986).

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