Light Microscopy

Samples of the human retina were immediately prefixed in 2% osmium tetroxide at pH 7.4 in veronal-acetate buffer for five minutes at 4°C. After fixation, the specimens were washed with veronal-acetate buffer (pH 7.4), dehydrated in a graded ethanol series and embedded in paraffin. Thin sections (about 4 m) were made for morphological staining with toluidine blue (0.05% for 1 minute). Lipids were stained by means of special histo-chemical techniques for light microscopic analysis. In order to determine the composition and distribution of the lipids, three different stains were used: the bromine-Sudan black B stain, which stains all classes of lipids; bromine-acetone-Sudan black B, which stains only phospho-lipids; and Oil red O, which stains neutral lipids (especially esters of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids).

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