Lh Levels And Aging

LH levels increase slightly with aging (Baker et al., 1976; Morley et al., 1997). Tenover and coworkers studied older men and noted that pituitary secretion of LH was intact, but testicular secretion of T was impaired in some older men (Tenover et al., 1987). They noted that the normal diurnal variation in T levels is blunted in aging men (Tenover et al., 1988). However, the majority of hypogonadal men over age 60 have low or inappropriately normal LH levels (Korenman et al., 1990). Older men with low T levels typically have abnormal LH pulse frequency and reduced pulse amplitude, suggesting hypothalamic dysfunction (Deslypere et al., 1987). Less pulsatile T and more LH were secreted in healthy middle-aged men at night compared to healthy young men. The association between T rhythm and REM sleep also was disrupted. Most investigators have concluded that the decline in T observed with aging results from combined testicular and hypothalamic abnormalities.

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