Many of us wish for a 48-hour day—or that we could function on half as much sleep. Online resources in the field of aging can't alter planetary movements or physiology, but these Web sites can help researchers squeeze more out of their available time. They provide information, analysis, and tools that enhance efficiency and productivity—even in the wee hours before a grant deadline.

Online resources fulfill a variety of needs. Some offer up-to-date commentary on recent findings or high-level backgrounders on key topics in the field of aging; some supply tools such as databases of genes that have been implicated in aging or lists of animals and tissue sources that are of particular use for experiments in this arena; others post data and analysis in realms such as policy that influence progress in aging-related research. This chapter is not an exhaustive catalog of aging-related Web sites, nor does it completely explore the sites that it mentions; instead, it gives readers a taste of what's available on the Web.

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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