Insertional Mutagenesis

The insertional inactivation of genes by retroviral mutagenesis has been successfully employed in zebrafish as described above. How will this be useful in longevity selection? The underlying rationale for insertional muta-genesis in aging studies is that the inactivation of genes that have negative influence on the lifespan might increase the lifespan. Since it is easy to detect dominant genes, first dominant screens should be conducted by simply injecting the retroviruses into the Nothobranchius embryos and then the fish should be selected that are long lived and should be used further to identify the genes that are affected. This concept could also be extended further for recessive screens either by diploidization or by three-generation screens to identify the long-lived Nothobranchius. The methods that are used in zebrafish for insertional mutagenesis should be applicable for the annual fish.

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