Young group Middle-aged group Old group

1001 1184 1416 1685 2002 2380 2832 3369 4004 4761 5652 6299 Mean f2 frequency

Figure 76.3 Mean magnitude of contralateral suppression (CS) as a function of f2 frequency (Hz) in three age groups. CS of DPOAEs, mediated by the medial olivocochlear system, declined with age. The most dramatic age-related decline occurred in middle age, with further declines occurring in old age. Note that greater amounts of CS are indicated by negative values. Notice that the least suppression occurs in the 4-6 kHz region for the young and old groups, where the DPOAEs have maximal magnitudes for all three age groups (see Figure 76.1). The values on the right side of the graph are the mean values for the three age groups across all of the test frequencies. From Kim et al. (2002), with permission.

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