log h(t) = ß + a log(t) + ßiXi + ß2^2 + ••• + ßiXk log h(t) = ß + at + ßiXi + ß2X2 + • • • + ßX 3 hi(t) = lo(t) exp(ßixii + ß2X,2 + ••• + ßkXik) 4

1. S(f) is the survival function; d, is the number of events at time fn, is the number of individual at risk at time t,.

2. S(f) is the survival function of the ith time interval with start time t,; q, is the probability of event conditional on no event at time f,.

3. h(f) is the hazard function at time f and a, u, and Pi, P2,- ■ -, Pk are parameters to be estimated. X-, 1,..., X,k are covariates.

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