Geometric mean frequency (kHz)

Figure 76.5 Relationships between DPOAE amplitude (dB SPL) and geometric mean frequencies (5.6-44.8 kHz) in three age groups of CBA mice, including the mean noise floor across the testing frequencies. A. Young adult group—similar amplitudes for both sexes. B. Middle-aged group—the females presented with higher DPOAE amplitude than males. The findings were confirmed with a two-way ANOVA (F=11.9, P< 0.001). C. Old group—the DPOAE amplitudes for females were also higher than those for males with confirmation by the two-way ANOVA (F= 5.91, P<0.05). Note that the sex difference was smaller than for the middle-aged group (1B). F-DP = Female DPOAE; F-NF= Female noise floor; M-DP= Male DPOAE; and M-NF= Male noise floor. From Guimaraes et al. (2004), with permission.

DPOAE Amplitude in CBA old mice


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