140 ± 3

155 ± 10

154 ± 5 1

69 ± 6 127 ± 2

151 ± 4

Values represent the age (weeks) of each survival point of lifespan (±SE). n = 30 for (—/—) and (tg/—) rats at the start of the study, while 55 in (tg/tg)-AL rats and 35 in (tg/tg)-CR rats. A part of the data was published elsewhere (Shimokawa et al., 2002; Shimokawa et al., 2003). The survival rates were estimated using Kaplan-Meier product limit estimates. Although the survival curves are not shown in this chapter, the effect of CR was confirmed to be statistically significant in each rat group by the logrank test using the software ''StatView 5.0'' (SAS Institute, Cary, NC).

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