could be promising models to study aging in diapause— see Tatar and Yin (2001), Stoffolano (1974), and Yin and Stoffolano (1994, 1997).

We used Gastrophysa viridula to show that reproductive diapause is characterized as a life period with negligible senescence (Albonetti and Becker in our laboratory).

Under experimental conditions, 75% of adult Gastrophysa beetles enter diapause after changing the photo-period from long-day conditions (16:8) to short-day conditions (8:16) without lowering the normal rearing temperature of 20°C. The survival curves of diapausing and nondiapausing beetles are very different. The survival curve of beetles in diapause resembles an exponential function, which is characteristic for nonaging systems. In accordance with this, the age-specific mortality is constant over a long period. The survival curve and age-specific mortality of nondiapausing beetles follow the usual type of aging under senescence conditions. The average life span of beetles in diapause surpasses that of nondiapausing animals about fourfold (Figure 21.5).

Despite the high ambient temperature, which should enable a high activity spectrum of the beetles, the metabolic rate of diapausing animals slows down to only 20% of that of nondiapausing beetles (Figure 21.6).

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