Figure 76.2 In a study of otoacoustic emissions in aged subjects with and without a sloping, presbycusis audiogram, a significant difference in DPOAE amplitudes was found between the normal hearing group relative to the presbycusis group. In the subjects with the high-frequency sloping hearing loss, the right ear DPOAE amplitude declines more than the left ear decline re the normal hearing aged controls, especially in the f2 = 2-5 kHz region. From Tadros et al. (2005), with permission.

health and well-being of the outer hair cell system because they are unbiased neurophysiological measurements that can be obtained rapidly in a noninvasive manner (no surgery required), relatively easily in human subjects (no anesthetic required) or animal models, including rodents and higher mammals (short-acting light anesthetic required). It is well established that otoacoustic emission amplitudes decline with age, as outer hair cells are lost in the aging process prior to the loss of inner hair cells, as shown in Figures 76.1 and 76.2

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