Hypertrophic Astrocytes

Madigan et al. (l994) alone have described that in retinas with AMD there are distended hypertrophic astrocytes on the internal surface of the retina. Many studies have been performed on the neovascular membrane that is found in AMD, produced by the migration of endothelial choro-idal cells across the Bruch's membrane in the subretinal space, but none have talked about epiretinal glial membranes. Many studies have shown that the epiretinal membranes may derive from inflammatory processes, retinal ruptures, or retinal vascular occlusions. The extended retinal ischemia in AMD causes the astrocytes to migrate into the vitreous humor, where they can find metabolic reserves. In this way the vitreous humor guarantees the nutrition of the remaining astrocytes in the inner retina as the intercellular junctions between the astrocytes remain intact. It is not known what factors cause the astrocytes and Muller cells to migrate into the vitreous humor in AMD. It is not known if these membranes are dangerous, that is,. if they can, after traction, cause a detachment of the retina.

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