Future Developments

The correlation between chaperones and aging/ longevity should be further examined with focus on the chaperone matrix of the inherently immortal embryonic stem cells.

With emphasis on DAN/RNA-chaperones it is proposed:

• To consider a more comprehensive characterization of the differences in the constitutive level of chaperone expression in relation to the life span of different species.

• To further investigate the effect on species life span of a constitutive increase in the expression of the various chaperones with emphasis on p68 (the putative mammalian analogue to the SV40 T-protein).

• To investigate means for a specific reactivation of chaperone genes silenced during aging as well as to stop the progressive silencing of chaperone genes during normal aging.

• To investigate the redundancy of function of the molecular chaperones to approach a definition of a minimal polymer folding system.

• To identify the chaperone of the large heat shock proteins (autonomous small Hsp's).

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