For Aging

Pudur Jagadeeswaran

Nothobranchius fish have a lifespan of approximately one year whereas zebrafish live up to 4-5 years. This finding suggested that if classical genetic approaches could be adapted to Nothobranchius, these annual fish would become an ideal vertebrate genetic model for studying longevity genes. In this chapter, we provide arguments and approaches for utilizing Nothobranchius to study the genetics of aging. Because Nothobranchius has a relatively short lifespan, has multiple strains, is a diploid organism, has high fecundity and most importantly is able to lay eggs until the end of their lives, this fish is an excellent animal model for studying genetics of vertebrate longevity. Various approaches to isolate long-lived mutants are described along with their utility for discovering antiaging drugs.

Anti Aging Made Easy

Anti Aging Made Easy

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