Energy Adjustment

The method used to express the nutrient content of diet merits some consideration (Willett et al., 1997). The general principle is that the expression of content should make nutritional sense and should take account of influences on bioavailability and loss of nutrients in food preparation. Energy adjustment is perhaps the most frequently used method. The greater the consumption of all foods, so consumption of specific nutrients is also likely to be greater. Bigger, more active subjects will eat more than the sedentary. Improvements in comparisons between subjects and between studies can be achieved through energy adjustment. This is particularly useful when individuals seek to minimize their intake at the level of macronutrients (as with some obese individuals). Differences between under-reporters and those who make valid returns are much reduced after energy adjustment. Energy adjustment is unhelpful when there is no relationship between energy consumption and the relevant nutrient.

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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