Rearing conditions of Drosophila can be found in different handbooks and internet pages (see the link at the end of the References). It should therefore suffice to give only a short comment.

Breeding temperature is recommended between 18 and 25°C. Relative humidity in the breeding chamber should not be lower than 60%.

A recipe for standard medium used in our institute is given as follows:

Add together: 2.4 l water, 19.2 g agar, 192 g corn powder, 24 g soy flour (low fat), 43.2 g yeast, 180 g treacle, 90 g barley malt extract, 18 ml propionic acid and 2.5 g nipagin.

All ingredients are boiled up under constant stirring and filled in portions of about 50 ml into plastic (''Drosophila'') vials (10 cm height and 5 cm diameter). The indicated amount is sufficient for about 50 vials. After cooling the medium congeals. Before transferring flies on to the medium it is recommended to add some yeast on the surface. This stimulates the egg deposition and development of larvae.

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