Dont Know Much about History

SAGE KE's Classic Papers section offers PDFs of key papers published before 1990. This resource provides a way to gain historical perspective on aging-related research and sheds old light on unresolved problems. It includes, for example, Denham Harman's 1956 article on the free radical theory of aging and George C. Williams's 1957 article entitled Pleiotropy, Natural Selection, and the Evolution of Senescence as well as other seminal works.

The site also invites readers back in time through another route—with its historical reviews by luminaries in particular research areas. For instance, Edward Masoro's description of how the study of calorie restriction has unfolded reaches back to 1914 in its narrative. These articles include items of historical interest; Thomas Johnson's piece on Caenorhabditis elegans as a system for studying the genetics of aging contains the agenda for the 1979 Gordon Research Conference on the Biology of Aging.

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