Detection Of Agingassociated Large Deletions In mtDNA

The first evidence that implicated mtDNA in aging came from the studies of mtDNA deletions (Corral-Debrinski et al., 1992). Specific mtDNA deletions (e.g., "common" 5kb deletion) can be relatively easily detected by using PCR with primers that flank deletion breakpoints. The selectivity and sensitivity of the assay can be enhanced by employing a second round of PCR with nested primers. When detecting large deletions, using short extension times in PCR reaction helps avoid amplification of large WT fragments and increases sensitivity. The tradeoff of this approach is that it does not allow for the determination of the cellular content of deleted mtDNA. However, it was possible to perform semiquantitative evaluations by conducting PCR on multiple serial dilutions of samples to normalize DNA content (Cortopassi et al., 1992).

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