The genetics-based study of zebrafish aging will be an invaluable approach in determining many common aspects of age-associated diseases among vertebrates. While the progressive discoveries of fundamentally common mechanisms of aging in C. elegans and Drosophila, as well as in mice, are of great importance in the field, more extensive groundwork will be required for in-depth studies of complex issues in aging, using a powerful vertebrate model organism. Zebrafish have been extensively exploited for developmental studies, and currently a number of research scientists are aiming to utilize this animal as an alternative model for multiple human diseases. However, only minimal data are available regarding late adult-onset and age-related alterations or aging lesions in any of the commonly used wildtype and mutant lines of zebrafish. Therefore, to fully utilize the potential of zebrafish as an animal model for understanding human aging and diseases, we need to advance our knowledge of zebrafish diseases and pathology with age. The future use of this model organism in biomedical science will contribute to own ability to intervene in human aging and will be relevant to the discovery of small molecules as drugs to ameliorate human disease states.

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