The above suggestion that Nothobranchius would be a useful model for studying longevity genes is novel, and it is the first time that the genetic approach utilizing the annual fish is suggested, although Walford first noted the utility of annual fish in aging research (Liu and Walford, 1969). Such a utility will depend upon establishing conditions for chemical mutagenesis, isolating markers for linkage analysis, and identifying long-lived Nothobranchius mutants. Since these are straightforward, this is a feasible goal. This model will also be used in overexpression of genes by transgenesis and identification of antiaging drugs. Future identification of longevity genes may ultimately allow the identification of human homologues involved in aging. Only time will tell whether this beautiful aquarium fish will be useful in furthering the knowledge on aging. May the genome sequencers embrace this annual fish for eventually sequencing its genome!

Anti Aging Made Easy

Anti Aging Made Easy

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