As of yet, we do not know what causes aging, but we do know that the rate at which aging occurs can be altered through nature and intervention. Cell turnover and replacement is routine in many tissues and does not cause tissue dysfunction when cells are adequately replaced. Changes in aging tissue include cellular senescence and apoptosis, which results in reduced numbers of fully functional cells. The use of stem cells to replace or renew these populations could lead to the treatment of several aging-related diseases; the fate lies in the hands of the scientists. The explosion of information on stem cells and their newly emerging potential holds great promise for the understanding and treatment of many diseases; however, the excitement requires tampering with careful and detailed examination of the data as well as adherence to strict criteria to form a solid basis for future work. The message from the stem-cell research community has been a resounding call for more research on both adult and ES cells in animal models of human disease. It will be years before human therapies emerge from the stem cell research, but the potential is undeniable.

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