Cobblestone Degeneration

This common degenerative chorio-retinal process is found in up to 27% of subjects after the thirtieth year. It is localized between the ora serrata and the real side of the equator and represents a boundary zone between the posterior choroidal circulation and the anterior cilliar circulation. Opthalmoscopically, it looks like a small and discrete yellow-white area, with very visible choroidal blood vessels, sometimes with hypertrophic and dark RPE at the margins. The lesions can join together to form a band of depigmentation behind the ora serrata. Histo-pathologic studies show signs of ischemic atrophy of the outer retina, with attenuation or disappearance of the choriocapillaries, loss of the RPE and the outer retinal layer up to and including the external part of the inner nuclear layer. These changes are limited to the portion of the retina that is supplied by the choriocapillaries, and can be reproduced in rabbits after binding the choroidal blood supply (Stratsma et al., 1980). Cobblestone degeneration is a characteristic that suggests peripheral vasculopathy and can be highly extended in carotid stenosis (O'Malley and Allen, 1967).

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