Apoptotic Protein Activation Following Cerebral Ischemia Newborn versus Adult

It is now well accepted that immature neurons may be more prone to apoptotic death, whereas terminally differentiated neurons exhibit pyknosis or die by necrosis. Both neuronal apoptosis and necrosis have repeatedly been observed in neonatal HI (Pulera et al., 1998; Renolleau et al., 1998; Nakajima et al., 2000), whereas neuronal degeneration in the adult cerebral nervous system exists as a continuum between apoptosis and necrosis (Charriaut-Marlangue et al., 1996a; Liu et al., 2004). This morphological continuum is defined as the occurrence of classic apoptosis and necrosis at opposite ends of the spectrum of cell death, with many possible variant forms of cell death residing between these classic endpoints (Martin et al., 1998). These different forms of cell death may explain the presence or absence of apoptosis-associated proteins upregulation in newborn and adult, respectively.

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