Aging of the Retinal Neurons Photoreceptors Bipolar Cells Ganglion Cells

The majority of elderly people suffer from deficiencies in vision not related to any manifested pathology. The normal function of vision depends on the integrity of numerous factors, including the transparency of the dioptric media, the photoreceptor mosaic, the integrity of the intraretinal pathways, and the nervous connection between the brain and the vision-related structures. All these elements may show age-related changes. The constriction of the pupil and the opacity of the dioptric media together reduce the quantity of light shining on the retina. One of the most important questions in the study of the aging of the visual system is to determine which contributions are related to optical factors, and which are related to nervous factors. Both these factors reduce the photopic and scotopic vision (Owsley and Burton, 1991; Sturr et al., 1991). The spatial density and the dimensions of the cones and rods in the human retina changes with age. Furthermore, previous studies of the aging of the neurosensorial retina have described the degeneration and loss of a large number of photoreceptors (Cavallotti et al., 2004).

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