Agerelated Impairment

Individual differences in age-related decline of the medial temporal lobe system have been observed in both humans and rodents (Gallagher et al., 1993; Bizon and Gallagher, 2005; Wilson et al., 2002). Across species, some aged subjects maintain mnemonic abilities well into advanced ages, whereas others experience loss of cognitive capacities relative to younger individuals. The basis for these individual differences in age-related cognition is a compelling focus of neurobiological research. Indeed, focusing on such variability among aged populations allows the investigator to compare neurobiological changes in the brain not only between young and aged subjects but also among aged rats that differ with respect to cognitive ability. For many years, we have used male Long-Evans rats trained on the widely used Morris water maze task to model individual variability in the function of the medial temporal lobe system among the aged human population.

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