Additional Pathways That Impact Replicative Aging

Several additional genes have been suggested to play a role in replicative life-span determination that cannot be easily ascribed to the relatively well-characterized pathways discussed thus far. Many of these genes affect aging in a strain-specific manner, and their relevance is uncertain. This class includes RTG1, RTG3, LAG1, LAG2, and RPD3 (Kaeberlein and Kennedy, 2005). Others, such as SGS1, DNA2, and ATP2, shorten life span when mutated, which could be due to accelerated aging, but this effect is most likely the result of a nonspecific reduction in fitness. Several reviews present a more comprehensive analysis of the aging phenotypes associated with these strain-specific modifiers of life span (Bitterman et al., 2003; Jazwinski, 2002; Sinclair et al., 1998).

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