Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The Contribution of Laboratory Animals to Medical Progress — Past, Present, and Future Franziska B. Grieder and John D. Strandberg

Chapter 2

Animal Research Ethics

I. Anna S. Olsson, Paul Robinson, Kathleen Pritchett, and Peter Sand0e

Chapter 3

An Overview of Global Legislation, Regulation, and Policies on the Use of Animals for Scientific Research, Testing, or Education Kathryn Bayne and Paul deGreeve

Chapter 4

Assessment of Animal Care and Use Programs and Facilities John G. Miller, Harry H. van Herck, and Ronald E. Larson

Chapter 5

Education and Training

Nicole Duffee, Timo Nevalainen, and Jann Hau

Chapter 6

Laboratory-Animal Science and Service Organizations Patri Vergara and Gilles Demers

Chapter 7

Laboratory Animal Allergy

Richard M. Preece and Anne Renström

Chapter 8

Laboratory Animal Facilities and Equipment for Conventional, Barrier, and Containment Housing Systems Jack R. Hessler and Urban Höglund

Chapter 9

Laboratory Animal Genetics and Genetic Quality Control Michael F.W. Festing

Chapter 10

Phenotypic Characterization of Genetically Engineered Mice Charsa Rubin, Sue Knoblaugh, and Warren Ladiges

Chapter 11

Health Status and Health Monitoring Axel Kornerup Hansen

Chapter 12

Nutrient Requirements, Experimental Design, and Feeding Schedules in Animal Experimentation

Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga and André Chwalibog

Chapter 13

Impact of the Biotic and Abiotic Environment on Animal Experiments Nancy A. Johnston and Timo Nevalainen

Chapter 14

Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis

Michael F.W. Festing and Benjamin J. Weigler

Chapter 15

Common Nonsurgical Techniques and Procedures

Cynthia A. Pekow and Vera Baumans

Chapter 16

Production of Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibodies Coenraad Hendriksen and Jann Hau

Chapter 17

Laboratory Animal Analgesia, Anesthesia, and Euthanasia

Patricia Hedenqvist and Ludo J. Hellebrekers

Chapter 18

Welfare Assessment and Humane Endpoints

David B. Morton and Jann Hau

Chapter 19

Surgery: Basic Principles and Procedures

Harry Bryan Waynforth, M. Michael Swindle, Heather Elliott, and Alison C. Smith

Chapter 20

Microsurgical Procedures in Experimental Research Daniel A. Steinbruchel

Chapter 21

Postmortem Procedures

Ricardo E. Feinstein and Kimberly S. Waggie

Chapter 22

Alternatives: Refinement, Reduction, and Replacement of Animal Use in the Life Sciences

Alan M. Goldberg and Kimberly Drnec

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