Rotaviruses have been isolated from numerous mammalian species. In general, they cause enteric infections leading to diarrhea, especially in newborn animals. These viruses are highly contagious, and prevalence in infected colonies is high. Infection with rabbit rotavirus is rather common in rabbits.152,153 In mice, rotaviral disease is called epizootic diarrhea of infant mice (EDIM), and in rats, it is called infectious diarrhea of infant rats (IDIR).154 EDIM and IDIR are different serotypes. Rodent rotaviral infections are less common today. Current screening can be performed in all species by serology, while diagnosis of acute disease can easily be achieved by capture-ELISA or latex-agglutination on feces. Different serogroups exist, and monitoring in mice and rabbits must be carried out using a serogroup A antigen.48

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