Power and Emergency Power

The demand for electrical outlets in animal rooms has increased with the increased use of ventilated racks, data processing equipment, scales, research equipment, HEPA-filtered mass air displacement cabinets, and powered sanitation equipment in the animal room. The outlets should have water-resistant covers. The location of the outlets needs to be carefully planned, especially if ventilated cages are to be used. Ground fault interrupters (GFI) should be used for every circuit in areas of the facility where water will be routinely used, which is most of the facility.

Emergency power should be adequate to maintain all essential services in the event of a main power failure. At a minimum, emergency power should include HVAC at 100% capacity, including chillers; any animal housing equipment that relies on power to maintain airflow, e.g., ventilated racks; all environmental control and monitoring systems, at least one light fixture per animal room and other safety lighting as required by code, the security system, the surgery room, and freezers.

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