Outbred Selected Stocks

Genetic selection with the maintenance of genetic heterogeneity has been used by several investigators as a means of producing new animal models. Examples include the Biozzi mice selected for high and low immunological response to sheep red blood cells,28 SENCAR mice selected for susceptibility to skin carcinogenesis,29 the Dahl rats selectively bred for high or low blood pressure on a high salt diet,30 and several stocks of mice selected for various aspects of response to alcohol.31 This method of selection with the avoidance of inbreeding is more efficient and likely to result in a more substantial change in phenotype than the alternative method of selection with inbreeding that has sometimes been used.

In some cases, the original selected stock continues to be used in research, while in others, one or more inbred strains have been developed from the outbred selected stock. It is important for breeders to know whether a particular colony is of the original outbred stock, in which case, it should be maintained in the same way as other outbred stocks, described above, or whether it is an inbred strain, in which case, it should be maintained using methods described below.

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