Miscellaneous HVAC Issues

Redundancy — Mechanical systems require routine preventative maintenance, often requiring shutdown of the system. In addition, mechanical systems are prone to fail. To account for such down time and still assure consistent control of the research animal's environment, the HVAC system should be designed with redundant critical components such as air handlers, pumps, chillers, and heat sources. There are many options for supplying redundancy, including parallel or N +1 air handling systems; dual chillers; boilers and pumps installed as parallel or N+1; cross connecting with other lower priority sources to access available chilled water or steam; and having spare parts available for quick replacement. Energy Conservation — Because of the high fresh air exchange rates required by animal faculties, an energy recovery system often proves to be cost-effective, depending on local climatic conditions. Recover systems should be limited to types that preclude contaminating incoming air with outgoing air.

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