Laboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange LAWTE


The Laboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange (LAWTE) is a nonprofit educational association of persons professionally concerned with laboratory animal welfare-training issues.


LAWTE aims to promote an information exchange among laboratory animal welfare trainers on training programs, systems, materials and services for the purpose of promoting the highest standards of laboratory animal care and use.


LAWTE is an organization of trainers, training coordinators, and IACUC administrators. By sharing ideas on methods and materials for training, members can learn together how best to meet the training and qualification requirements of national regulations and guidelines.


Since 1994, conferences have been held every two years for trainers to exchange information on their training programs in the U.S. and abroad. They have been attended by institutional representatives from the U.S. and around the world.


The purpose of the listserv is to provide an electronic forum for discussion by LAWTE members on the issues and methods of training of research personel in the proper and humane use of laboratory animals.


Programs and proceeding of meetings are maintained on the LAWTE Web site. Address


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