Laboratory Animal Genetics and Genetic Quality Control

Michael F.W. Festing CONTENTS

The Development of Laboratory Animal Genetics The Major Classes of Genetic Stocks Genetically Undefined Stocks Outbred Stocks Nomenclature

Genetically Heterogeneous Stocks, Segregating Hybrids, and "Advanced Intercross Lines"

Outbred Selected Stocks Partially Genetically Defined The Isogenic Family of Strains and Their Derivatives Inbred Strains Fl-Hybrids

Congenic and Coisogenic Strains Recombinant Inbred (RI) Strains Recombinant Congenic (RC) Strains Consomic or "Chromosome Substitution" Strains

Mutants, Polymorphisms, Transgenic, and Gene-Targeted Mutations (Collectively Known as "Mutants") Genetic Quality Control Aims

Technical Methods

Genetic Monitoring of Isogenic Strains

Authentication of Newly Established Strains Existing Colonies Troubleshooting Genetic Monitoring of Outbred Stocks Choice of Marker Loci

Sample Size and Frequency and Data Evaluation Comparisons of Different Colonies


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