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Note: Only infections which may influence research in some way is mentioned, and it should be kept in mind that animals not being gnotobiotic harbor a great number of other bacterial species which are not mentioned here.

Figure 11.1 Tyzzer's disease in a rabbit. Note the white spots on the liver.
Figure 11.2 Megaloileitis in a post-weaned SPRD rat observed as a spiral on the right abdominal wall.

tolerance, alteration of epithelial barrier, and function or loss of immunoregulatory cells.36 Members of the enteric flora are important factors in the development, as the syndrome may be prevented by antibiotic treatment37 and germ-free conditions,38 but while Helicobacter pylori has a key role in humans and also is involved in comparable experimental conditions in transgenic mice,39 it is not clear whether spontaneous Helicobacter infections in transgenic mice have any impact on this syndrome.40

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