Cytomegaloviruses are also known as "salivary gland viruses." Several species-specific strains exist, among these, strains infecting mice, rats, and guinea pigs. Megalic cells and nuclear inclusions in the glandular epithelium of the salivary glands characterize infection. Infection is rare in laboratory colonies. Mouse thymic virus infects only mice, in which it may be found in the thymus and the salivary glands. Infection with mouse thymic virus is occasionally reported in laboratory mouse colonies, in which it may reach high prevalences. Acute herpesvirus-related disease may be induced experimentally in suckling mice,122 but in general, infection in rodents is asymptomatic. But, in guinea pigs, clinical disease may be observed in breeding females, and transmission in utero cannot be excluded.48,123 For all herpesviruses, diagnosis can easily be achieved by serology.

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