Citrobacter rodentium

Citrobacter rodentium,65 formerly known as C. freundii type 4280,66 may in suckling and postweaned male mice be the cause of rectal prolapses, diarrhea, and dehydration. Feeding and genetic factors influence morbidity and mortality,67 but mortality and prevalences are normally low. Transgenic and probably also nontransgenic mice of all ages may be affected by chronic debilitation, loss in reproductive efficiency, rectal prolapses, and death.68 Also, alterations in immunological parameters may be observed, including outgrowth of an unusual population of cells in the spleen and blood, reduction in ascites production, loss of the capacity of peritoneal exudate cells to serve as feeders for the cloning of long-term T-cell lines, and inhibition of antigen-specific cytotoxic T-cell activity.68 Antibiotic therapy may significantly reduce morbidity and mortality, increase litter size and frequency, and result in the normalization of many of the immunological assays.68

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