Cilia Associated Respiratory CAR Bacillus

CAR bacillus has been reported in mice, rats, and rabbits, but rat and mouse isolates differ from those of rabbits and should be regarded as different bacteria, the rat and mouse version being closely related to Flavobacterium,42 and the rabbit version showing a higher similarity with Helicobacter.43 Infected rats and mice are usually asymptomatic,44,45 but CAR bacillus may be the cause of a highly contagious epizootic, slowly progressive and uncontrollable disease, called chronic respiratory disease (CRD), characterized by weight loss, rough hair coat, wheezing, rales, mucopurulent exudates, and severe peribronchial lymphoid cuffing.46 In rabbits, no clinical signs of respiratory disease have been observed, although histopathological examination of the respiratory tree may reveal mild hyperplasia of lymphoid nodules subjacent to the respiratory mucosa with scattered bacilli in the lower respiratory system.47 The infection is normally not transmitted to sentinels by the dirty bedding technique.48

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