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The self-study examination is intended for use after completion of the monograph. The examination for Glaucoma Medical Therapy: Principles and Management consists of 46 multiple-choice questions followed by the answers to the questions and a discussion for each answer. The Academy recommends that you not consult the answers until you have completed the entire examination.


The questions are constructed so that there is one "best" answer, unless indicated otherwise. Despite the attempt to avoid ambiguous selections, disagreement may occur about which selection constitutes the optimal answer. After reading a question, record your initial impression on the answer sheet (facing page).

Answers and Discussions

The "best" answer(s) to each question is provided after the examination. The discussion that accompanies the answer is intended to help you confirm that the reasoning you used in determining the most appropriate answer was correct. If you missed a question, the discussion may help you decide whether your "error" was due to poor wording of the question or to your misinterpretation. If, instead, you missed the question because of miscalculation or failure to recall relevant information, the discussion may help fix the principle in your memory.

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