PG analogs are contraindicated in any patient who is allergic or sensitive to these drugs. Patients who are pregnant or nursing should use caution. There are limited studies in pediatric patients, and although side effects are infrequent and mild, some children have had an inadequate response to PGs.37 Although limited studies are available, it remains unclear what effect PGs have on ocular inflammation in postoperative patients and what role PGs may have in treating patients with elevated IOP following cataract surgery or other intraocular surgery.41 There have been some reports of an association of latanoprost with cystoid macular edema (CME), which is discussed in section Although the controlled clinical trials have not shown a causal relationship between PGs and these problems, PGs should be used with caution in patients with multiple risk factors for CME, with iritis or herpes simplex keratitis, or in the immediate postoperative period following intraocular surgery.36 Until further clinical studies have clarified the relationship between the PGs and CME, it should not be the drug of first choice in complicated aphakic or pseudophakic eyes with torn posterior capsules and other known risk factors for CME.36,42,43

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