Simulating The Rumen

Although the simulators described above are mainly aimed at simulating the human GIT, the models can also be used to simulate the GIT of other monogastric animals. However for the simulation of the ruminant GIT different factors have to be taken into consideration; in particular the different functioning of the rumen, retaining and fermenting solid material while liquid phase is allowed to pass on into the GIT.

The anaerobic environment of the rumen is heterogeneous in nature: a large volume of free liquid, a complex solid mass of digesta, and a gas phase. Within this mixture, the diverse microbial population of bacteria, protozoa, and anaerobic fungi can be described as occurring in four different compartments (1) the microbes living free in suspension, (2) the microbes loosely associated with the solid material, (3) the microbes that are trapped in the solid material, and (4) the microbes close to or attached to the rumen wall (20). The complexity is still increased due to the different removal rates of the solid and liquid portions of rumen contents, revealing the dynamic nature of the rumen.

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