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R1=H: R2=OH: Apigenin R1=R2=OH: Luteolin

Figure 3 Example structures of various flavonoid groups.

repeated in vivo (13). The majority of these compounds exist as glycosides in their original food matrices and thus reach the colon intact following ingestion. Here they can serve as substrate for the microbiota. Associations between the urinary excretion of simple phenolics such as hydroxyhippuric acid, hydroxyphenylacetic acid and 3-(hydroxyphenyl)-propionic acid, and a high flavonoid intake have been observed in a number of human studies (28,29,40-48) indicating that a substantial proportion of polyphenols undergo metabolism in the gut. In addition, the microbiota has also been confirmed as the major site for the release of free flavonol aglycones from their conjugated forms following cleavage of ester or

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