Nutrients And Dietary Plant Compounds Fermentation of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate fermentation is a major source of energy for the intestinal microbiota. It has been estimated based on the biomass of the microbiota in the intestine that 20-70 grams of carbohydrate or equivalent substrates based on similar energy density would be required to be fermented to provide a biomass steady state (5-8). This calculation takes into account

Table 1 Reactions Performed by the Intestinal Microflora

Types of reaction

Example of substrate

Hydrolytic reactions Glucuronides Glycosides Amides Esters Sulfamates Nitrates Reductive reactions Nitrocompounds Azocompounds Double bonds Aldehydes N-oxides Nitrosation Amines Removal of functional group C-hydroxy N-hydroxy Carboxyl Methyl Amine Chlorine






Pentaerythritol trinitrate

1-nitropyrene Direct red 2

Polyunsaturated fatty acids




Bile acids


Amino acids

Biochanin A

Amino acids

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