Only minor alterations of the aerobic and anaerobic gastrointestinal microbiota have been shown to occur during metronidazole treatment of patients with different infections (87).


Parenterally administered tinidazole has been used in order to prevent postoperative infections after abdominal surgery (88). Analyses of the intestinal microbiota revealed that the treatment induced proliferation of the numbers of enterococci and staphylococci. Anaerobic Gram-positive cocci, fusobacteria and bacteroides were also significantly affected during and immediately after the administration period. In connection with oral

Table 7 Impact of Quinolones on the Intestinal Microbiota

Days of Dose adminis-Agent mg/day tration

Impact on

Entero- Anaero-Number of Aerobic bac- bic bac-subjects G+ cocci teria teria





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