" Mean(Standard Deviation).

Abbreviations'. +, mild to moderate effect; increase or decrease 2^4-loglO cfu/g feces; + +, strong impact >41ogl0 cfu/g feces; —, no significant changes; d, the detection limit; n.e., not examined.

Table 6 Impact of Tetracyclines, Aminoglycosides, Nitrofurantoin, Oxazolidinone, Folic Acid Antagonists, and Nitroimidazoles on the Intestinal Microbiota

Impact on Emergence of resistance Overgrowth of

Days of Entero Anaero- Bac- Concen-

Dose adminis- Number of Aerobic bac- bic bac- Entero- Entero- ter- Can- tration range

Agent mg/day tration subjects G+ cocci teria teria cocci bacteria oides C. difficile dida mg/kg Reference

Tetracycline 250X4 8-10 Doxycy- 200+ 8-10

cline 100 Xla

100 7

Tobramycin 100X3 4

100X2+ 4

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