Figure 1 Proposed mechanisms of immunomodulation by prebiotics for the prevention of IgE-mediated food allergies that are mediated by a skewing of the immune response at the T helper (Th) cell level towards a Th2 response. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria that are sampled by the gut-associated lymphoid tissue via M-cells or dendritic cells (DC). The commensal bacteria drive a counterbalancing Th1 response producing interferon-g (IFN-g), and/or a tolerogenic response by regulatory T-cells (Tr) producing the anti-inflammatory cytokines interleukin-10 (IL-10) and transorming growth factor-b (TGF-b) that quell the allergenic Th2 response.

OO prebiotics

intestinal lumen ooo stimulate growth and fermentation eliminate pro-IBD microbial antigens

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