Although preliminary studies are promising, large placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blinded clinical trials are needed to clarify the role of probiotic bacteria in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. Studies of probiotics in inflammatory bowel disease in the future will also need to increase our knowledge of how probiotics exert their effect. Optimal dosing schedules need to be determined. Detailed comparisons of probiotic performance amongst different bacterial strains have not yet been performed, in vivo or under clinical trial conditions, and the level of scientific characterization of individual organisms has been variable. The route of administration also requires more study, in particular to determine whether the oral route is always essential. The issue of live versus dead bacteria remains unclear. The beneficial effect of bacterial DNA and other metabolites or constituents versus whole organisms needs comprehensive study.

Irrespective of the mechanism of action, however, there are reasons which might favor therapeutic usage of live over dead bacteria. Live bacteria may be more reliable for enteric transit and occupation of microbial niche. Secondly, live bacteria offer the advantage of elaborating biological molecules other than immunomodulatory DNA.

Detailed strain characterization is also required for all potential probiotic strains before the use of combinations can be recommended. The potential exists for synergistic or antagonistic effects amongst bacterial strains and this requires further study. Finally, disease-specific probiotic organisms designed to target particular patients, (the "designer probiotic"), may become a possibility as we increase our understanding of molecular mechanisms behind the anti-inflammatory effects of individual probiotics. What is already clear, is that there will be an increasing role for bacteria or bacterial products in a therapeutic setting along with conventional treatments for inflammatory bowel disease. The concept of a food influencing the health of the gastrointestinal tract is appealing to many people. Therapeutic modification of the microbiota with functional foods such as probiotics empowers patients with an enhanced sense of control in the management of their illness. Microbial therapeutics is an expanding field inviting further investigation, and we should not allow ourselves to become captive of the definition of probiotics.

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