Disadvantages Of The Prebiotic Approach

While there are many advantages of the prebiotic approach, the use of this strategy to modify the intestinal microbiota is not without its disadvantages. First among these is the potential for intestinal side-effects if excessive doses of prebiotic oligosaccharides are consumed (discussed in more detail in the following section). Secondly, there are instances where probiotics may be more applicable to restoring colonization resistance in the gut. One example is during episodes of diarrhea when mucosal damage may lead to reduced capacity for sugar digestion. Ingestion of prebiotic oligosaccharides under these conditions may exacerbate symptoms associated with sugar malabsorption even at usually tolerable doses. Thirdly, there may be mechanisms, such as immunomodulation, where the introduction of an exogenous probiotic strain could theoretically provide a superior stimulus. Finally, some effects of probiotics are known to be strain specific and prebiotics cannot at this stage emulate that specificity.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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