Diethylstilbesterol is a highly active synthetic estrogen. This compound had been used prior to its being banned as a drug to prevent spontaneous abortions during pregnancy. It was subsequently discovered that this compound had serious side-effects, including reproductive problems, and vaginal cancer in the daughters of mothers given diethylstilbesterol during pregnancy. The metabolic fate of this compound has been studied (84). When diethylstilbesterol glucuronide was given orally to germfree rats, the compound was rapidly recovered in the feces. This results from poor absorption of the glucuronide from the intestine. In conventional rats the fecal recovery of diethylstilbes-terol is significantly reduced. The explanation for this finding is based on the ability of the beta-glucuronidase produced by intestinal microflora to generate the free compound from its glucuronide. Free diethylstilbesterol is more readily absorbed from the intestine. In conventional animals diethylstilbesterol makes approximately 1.5 passes through the enterohepatic circulation. The increased exposure resulting form the enterohepatic circulation can enhance the pharmacologic action, as well as the side-effects of diethylstilbesterol.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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