Cyclamate (cyclohexylamine- N- sulfonate) was used as an artificial sweetening agent until it was banned. It had been reported that the intestinal flora can hydrolyze c-sulfonates, o-sulfonates, and N-sulfonates (54). Initially it was reported that Cyclamate could not be metabolized in the body. It was however, shown that Cyclamate could be converted to the bladder carcinogen cyclohexylamine as a result of the action of intestinal bacterial catalyzed N-sulfate ester hydrolysis (80). Cyclohexylamine was absorbed from the intestine, and excreted in the urine. Prolonged feeding of Cyclamate to rats increased the hydrolysis to the amine, and withholding cyclamate from the diet caused a decline in hydrolytic activity within 5 days (81).

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